Unearth the Nation’s Pride

Opening its door on 24 November 2015, National Gallery Singapore has become a remarkable artistic hub of Southeast Asia.

The historic City Hall and the former Supreme Court have been transformed into an art museum of international stature and original architecture. The Gallery makes an effort to create a dialogue between the region and the rest of the world through the National Collection and the international exhibitions. You’d better follow these six steps to receive the complete message of which the museum is telling us.

Step 1 # DBS Singapore Galler


Take a lift to the second floor of City Hall Wing. There you find the timeless appeal of about 400 key artworks. With its weird title asking ‘What is Your Name?’, this long-term exhibition captures the sweep of Singapore’s art history during the 19th-20th century. There’s The Social Table, multi-touch interactive screen, at the centre of the floor, allowing you to share artworks and create a poster of your favourite masterpieces.

Step 2 # Singtel Special Exhibition


Discover a third floor showcase of modern art co-curated with renowned museums around the world – with a support of Singtel, Asia’s leading communications group. The gallery is committed to present two international shows yearly in order to further the understanding of art in Southeast Asia in an international context. And do not miss the historic and majestic City Hall Chamber on the same floor.

Step 3 # Special Exhibition on fourth floor


Moving up, you’ll be invited to see two exhibitions from Chinese and Singaporean artists displaying the integration of Chinese and Western art traditions through the artists’ innovative practice. Chua Ek Kay presents a reflection of artistic journey through calligraphy and poetry, while Wu Guanzhong through his oil and ink paintings.

Step 4 # Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Gallery


On the fifth floor of the wing, you are exposed to the Gallery’s roof garden exhibition space where talented artists join creating thought-provoking pieces together. You can also be delighted with the culinary experience among five renowned Singaporean restaurants on the fifth and sixth floors.

Step 5 # UOB Southeast Asia Gallery on Supreme Court


The expansive UOB Southeast Asia gallery occupies three levels of the former Supreme Court building. The long-term exhibition ‘Between Declarations and Dreams’ tells the story of Southeast Asian modern art from the 19th century to the 1990s and conveys artistic impulses and historical experiences through collections in the region, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Step 6 # Art-inspired Venues


The Gallery would like to sum up your memory with a new F&B and retail concept on the first floor. ‘Gallery & Co.’ fuses art and design into a curated retail experience featuring books, collectibles, prints, and a dining venue. Here at ‘The Keppel Centre for Art Education’ is where your children can also appreciate arts through a line-up of programmes for youths, children and families in four vibrant spaces: Art Corridor, Art Playscape, Project Gallery and Children’s Museum.

1 St. Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957
T: +65 6271 7000
E: info@nationalgallery.sg
W: www.nationalgallery.sg

Text by Thanisara Ruangdej/ Photos by National Gallery Singapore
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