Night at the Market

Those who are acquainted with Taiwan know that, besides its Michelin star-worthy status, there are plenty of night markets where visitors can enjoy a myriad of local street food and shopping – the former which never disappoints with their savoury flavours and prices. L+T is escorting you to Taiwan’s Top 5 most popular night markets, so loosen your belt and let’s go paint the town red.


Feng Chia Night Market :

1# Feng Chia Night Market

Located near Feng Chia University in Taichung, this night market is the second biggest in Taiwan. Thousands of food stalls, and shops with bits and bobs, line up along Wenhua Rd. It’s the norm to bargain hard here.

Not-to-miss titbits:       Steamed buns, roast duck, Taiwanese snacks.
Hours:                         12pm-2am daily
Directions:                   Take bus 35 from Taichung TRA station to Feng Chia University.


Shilin Night Market

2# Shilin Night Market

This is the best-known night market for both locals and visitors and it offers you everything but the kitchen sink! Be prepared for a night of gluttony, but beware of excessive fresh fruit prices here.

Not-to-miss titbits:       Oyster omelette, Taiwanese sausage, steamed black pepper pork buns.
Hours:                          2pm-12am daily
Directions:                   Take the Tamsui MRT line to Jiantan station, exit Gate 1 and follow the signs.


Tainan Flowers Night Market :

3# Tainan Flowers Night Market

Renowned as Tainan City’s biggest market, it’s also a historic attraction due to its century-long history. This market is not open on a daily basis and the stores within have their own opening times. Inside, you’ll find a mélange of craft and stationery shops, grocers and boutiques, and even a game centre with pinball, darts, and even basketball hoops.

Not-to-miss titbits:       Grilled seafood, stingy tofu, also Korean ‘tteokbokki’ and Japanese ‘takoyaki’.
Hours:                          6pm-11.30pm on Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
Directions:                   Take bus 0 from Tainan TRA station to Tainan Flower Night Market.


Gongguan Market :

4# Gongguan Night Market

Gongguan is situated near National Taiwan University, which is why the merchandise sold here is inexpensive. You’ll love the mix of diners, brand-name sportswear stores, bookstores and cinemas, and modern cafés for lingering in with your companions.

Not-to-miss titbits:       Bubble tea from Chen San Ding (opposite Ge Bao Restaurant), pig’s blood cake, Taiwanese pancakes, tofu bites.
Hours:                          6pm-12am daily
Directions:                   Take the MRT to Gongguan station, from where you can walk to the market.


Taipei Fish Market :

5# Taipei Fish Market

When we talk about fish markets, we usually think of Japanese ones – but Taipei Fish Market is exceptional. You can pick up the freshest and finest fish of the day, and also stop at one of the food stalls offering seafood, sushi sets, huge oysters and more at very reasonable prices.

Not-to-miss titbits:       Sung Chen Hui Xian’s sashimi, Alaska crabs, fresh juices.
Hours:                          10 am till midnight, Tuesday to Sunday
Directions:                   Take the Orange MRT Line to Xing Tian Temple, exit Gate 3 and then take bus 642 or 643 to the fish market.


Food Stall at Gongguan Night Market :

A word of caution.  A visit to these markets could cost you more than a trip to an upscale restaurant because you will be tempted by all the shopping! – we’ve been there and done that. So our tip is: walk through the market to the furthest end without buying anything, and shop on the way back. This way you’ll have a better idea of what you really want, and keep more of your money.

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