Not being a great place for excitement, this destination is very famous for its nature sceneries and hidden highlights. Khao Kho itself was established as a national park, containing abundant waterfalls and sylvan trails. I choose to spend my time slowly, pampering myself at ‘The Blue Sky Khao Kho’. Imagine a beautiful European countryside: covered with green grass, surrounded by hills and mountains, and blanketed by the clear blue sky. Those are what The Blue Sky resort offers its guests.


With a concept of English countryside living, the resort has Deluxe Rooms and Suite Rooms (family rooms) to accommodate with home-away-from-home ambience. All rooms have their balcony allowing guests to relax with the mountain scene and natural breeze. The resort’s restaurant is another location no one should miss. On its outdoor terrace, you can enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner while watching the spectacular view of the great mountain, as well as another panorama of the ‘Blue Sky Garden.’


A long stairway from the restaurant leads down to the English-style garden on the land of 12 acres, with the mountains as a background. The garden is named ‘The Seasons’ – divided into four parts: spring, summer, autumn and winter. A variety of flowers with vivid colours planted in each zone gives different feelings, based on its theme. However, the entire area shares the same sense of coolness and pleasure. An array of lovely and elegant statues stand, or sit, all around the site, accompanied with stylish fountains – making this floral paradise much more vivacious. Unaware that over an hour passes, I move to explore the nearby tiny garden designed to be a labyrinth before ending this indulgence with the enchanting sunset.


Many travellers believe Khao Kho is attractive when the winter comes, but I would say the place can be visited throughout 365 days. Owing to its 800-metre height above sea level, a cool breeze can be felt around the year. And I do suggest The Blue Sky Khao Kho to be your destination. Get nestled with the great yet calm mountains, have a conversation with lively flowers and butterflies, and fall asleep with the starry sky – what else do you need?


T: +66(0) 82 457 7801

Text and photos by Thanisara Ruangdej
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