Honeymoon Travel

Your honeymoon is the chance to take the trip of a lifetime, an adventure or experience unlike any other. Everyone hopes for that blissful getaway to a secluded, special spot that will leave a lasting imprint on your memory. But it’s hard to find a destination that isn’t already overrun with like-minded romantics. Here is a list of irresistibly romantic places – compiled by Booking.com – that you may never have heard of or that may be pretty far off the beaten track, but will fulfil all your honeymoon criteria.

#1 Udaipur, India

City Palace. Udaipur, India

Udaipur is often said to be India’s most romantic city, perhaps even the world’s. Right at its heart lies the glassy blue surface of Lake Pichola, a man-made lake that lends the city an ethereal and peaceful presence. Perched in the middle is the Lake Palace and on one side, City Palace; both grand and beguiling structures. Take a romantic boat trip across the lake and admire the beamingly bright saris of the women washing clothes on the ghats. Then enjoy a rooftop dinner with a backdrop of glittering lights reflected on the water.

#2 Barichara, Columbia


Barichara, the most beautiful colonial town of Colombia

A captivatingly pretty little town in northeastern Columbia, Barichara is cherished as a historical relic. Well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture and a mellow mood are the main attractions. Hilly, cobbled streets are lined with trees and flowers, while buildings feature clay-tiled roofs and whitewashed walls. Don’t miss the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception blending into the warm-coloured landscape in all its ochre splendour.

#3 Palm Cove, Australia

Palm trees at tropical Palm Cove beach in north Queensland, Australia

A peaceful alternative to the better-known Port Douglas, Palm Cove is blissfully romantic. Pick a secluded spot on the long, white sandy beach and watch the sun set over the calm waters with the sounds of the rainforest behind you. For honeymooners willing to venture out of their paradise cocoon, visiting the nearby Great Barrier Reef is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

#4 Akaroa, New Zealand

This little sheltered harbour town on the Banks Peninsula is a fine example of the kind of breath-taking rugged scenery New Zealand is known for. In contrast to its dramatic volcanic surroundings, the town itself has a sleepy and distinctly Gallic feel thanks to its history as a French settlement. Swimming with local dolphins is a popular attraction but just sitting on the rickety wooden pier to take in the sweeping views and serenity is honeymoon-worthy.

#5 Collioure, France

What could be more romantic than a provincial fishing village that has inspired the likes of Henri Matisse? Collioure is like the Cote d’Azur before it became a tourist trap. Rolling hills of vineyards slope down to this charming town, centred around a tiny bay complete with waterfront castle and church. Perfect for lovers’ strolls along the pebbly beach and through the local market to pick up some local produce.

#6 Delft, Holland

The historic, dainty town of Delft is disarmingly pretty. Known as the hometown of Vermeer and for its own distinctive blue and white porcelain, it’s also ideal for a tranquil and romantic city break. Stroll through its intimate and infinitely attractive, leafy canals and over picture-perfect old stone bridges.

#7 Monsaraz, Portugal

The hilltop village of Monsaraz has spectacular panoramic views out over the Alentejo region. Good food is fundamentally important here, so expect many a delicious, rustic meal with some of the area’s abundant fine wines. Best enjoyed while gazing out over the olive groves, vineyards and rolling green hills.

#8 Třeboň, Czech Republic

An enchanting town of Renaissance and Baroque houses in South Bohemia, it’s surprising that Třeboň isn’t really on the international tourist radar. An area of great natural beauty, the landscape is perfect for romantic walks, dotted with lakes and wetlands that are home to a variety of flora and fauna. The town’s castle lends the place a fairy-tale setting, along with the cobbled main square lined with pastel-coloured houses boasting Baroque facades.