Hi Brexit, Hello UK holidays!

You say Brexit, we say hello to UK holidays!

Brexit has taken over the news for the past few days and for the rest of us non-political folks, it means only one thing – a weaker pound currency = a more affordable holiday to the United Kingdom! Home to the Queen and her royal family, the UK is also known for its gorgeous and culturally-rich spots , and ZUJI Singapore has curated a list of amazing destinations for you to check out.

#1 The Giant’s Causeway
Antrim, Ireland, UK (Closest airport: Belfast International Airport)

Giants Causeway coast

Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site The Giant’s Causeway is a magnificent picture of 40,000 large unique polygonal columns of layered basalt resulting from a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago. Be spoilt for choice with four different trails, picnic areas, and country walks to witness the stunning views.

#2 Knockvologan Beach
Scotland, UK (Closest airport: Tiree Airport)


Credit: Paul Albertella on Flickr

Tucked away on the Isle of Mull’s western shore in Scotland, Knockvologan Beach is covered with glossy white sand and crystal clear waters. Apart from the crashing waves and a majestic skyline, you’ll find seals basking on the rocks under the sun. This beach is also said to have inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous novel ‘Kidnapped’.

#3 Snowdonia
Wales, UK (Closest airport: Manchester Airport)


Snowdonia boasts its National Park and Snowdon, the biggest mountain standing at 3,560 feet in Wales and England. Fine sandy beaches, amazing estuaries and looming cliffs stretch along the coastline, promising breathtaking views. For a touch of civilisation, wander into picturesque yet quaint villages like Betws y Coed and immerse yourself in the local Welsh history and culture.

#4 Tresco Abbey Gardens
Isles of Scilly, UK (Closest airport: Exeter International Airport)


Credit: jasondlattier.blogspot.sg

Originally a private garden established in the 19th century, sub-tropical Tresco Abbey Gardens in the Isles of Scilly is now open to visitors and is bursting with a range of over 20,000 exotic plants. For a deeper dive into its history, visit the Valhalla Museum where you’ll discover a collection of shipwrecked figureheads and other decorative ship carvings.

#5 Polperro
Cornwall, UK (Closest airport: Cornwall Airport Newquay)


Nothing is quite as quaint as the old yet unspoilt Cornish fishing village Polperro. Delightful cottages dot the hillsides around a small harbour with little cafes and galleries filled with work by local artists. Take a stroll along the coasts of the harbour or pay a visit to the Polperro Heritage Museum of Smuggling and Fishing where you’ll delve into the village’s notorious history for smuggling activities in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Have we gotten you all chuffed to bits on UK travels yet?
If so, say no more and get started on planning your next exploration to Great Britain!

Special thanks to  ZUJI Singapore