I had no idea what an American poem was about when it said: ‘Earth laughs in flowers’, until I found myself nestled among blooming flowers and serenity in nature at Dasada.


One winter, I was introduced to Dasada The Flower Es’Senses Resort, situated near Khao Yai National Park. Just like its name, Dasada – literally meaning a countless number of something – is primarily noted for numerous kinds of flowers, accompanied by a bounty of joyful activities. Orchids takes the leading role among this luscious, vast area. After wandering around the pleasant garden, I paid a visit to Dasada Gallery to chit-chat with nature under the flora arch, while miscellaneous knick-knacks on shelf are irresistible.

Dasada 1


“You would never get bored here,” one friendly staff member promised me when he was offering an array of activities, ranging from relaxing treatments to exciting extreme experiences: Thai massage at the splendid pavilion on the top of the hill, playful time at Tiny Park – a tiny open zoo, smart ATV ride, and sightseeing biking. To lessen my relentless pace, I had a good chance to join a Terrarium workshop which is held occasionally. All tools were prepared; the only thing I needed was my creativity.

Dasada 2

Once I stepped out of the class, I found twilight was coming. I picked a seat at one small corner of the vast Dasada, nestling myself with bushes and flowers and waiting for the precious moment. The day did not just end with the last beam, as I was invited to see a surprise that night: a show that bursted with the fountain dancing along to vivid light and sound. There was no need to say good night as all dream-like moments happened through my entire happy day.

Dasada 3


Not only enhancing your stay with a variety of flowers, Dasada also brings those beautiful creations to fabulous dishes. When I seated myself at Bloom Restaurant, I was amazed by its flowery menu and absolutely did not miss a chance to try. Satisfied with those delicious flora dishes, I summed up my meal enchantingly at La Lalla Café where homemade flower ice-cream and a bottle of flower juice are served.

Dasada 4

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Text and Photos by Thanisara Ruangdej
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