Camp ‘Meating’

Tucked in a surreptitious spot of serene Hua Hin beach where directions are exclusively given to the advance-booking participants, Camp Meating contributes its signature elevated ambience to a local beach, far away from the buzz of Hua Hin. As we proceeded on, a vintage truck greeted us on one side, while the other dubbed the welcome deck, where aprons and grilled utensils were handed to us.


The energetic staff escorted us to our table which lined up aesthetically on the beach itself. A plentiful bowl of fresh, quality vegetables, as well as a basket of bread told me this was going to be a phenomenal barbecue for sure.


Premium imported sausages, ham and bacon plus seafood platter were soon served at our table while the charcoal brazier started to show its readiness. Priced at THB 1,000 per person, Camp Meating provides French Cut Pork Chop as the main dish while the Premium Dry-aged Angus Beef and New Zealand Lamp Chops were priced at THB 1,500, then the Canadian Lobster was set at THB 1,800. The provided food was way more than enough.


It was not only the quantity that was impressive, but also the quality of each item as well. The freshness could be felt distinctively from the mushrooms to the seafood to the meat. And a variety of bread and croissants went so divinely well with the garlic butter. After a pause to savour the live music and the sea at dark, I turned to the Premium Dry-aged Angus Beef which I opted for as main dish. The tenderness of the meat gave a melt-in-the-mouth touch while the choice of sauces was served to suit every palate.


Camp Meating staff then popped up at our table with marshmallows on sticks and urged us to join grilling it at the bonfire corner. I joyfully joined in the fun while my daughter ran to and fro between me and the provided ponies on the beach. She had a great time observing them and exploring the many chic beach settings Camp Meating had on offer. Camp Meating is for everyone in the family really and the limitations go even beyond.


Camp Meating ep. En bleu in hidden Hua Hin beach is over already, but those interested should watch out for the next venue that the camp will be hitting. Astonishment factors are guaranteed, along with great food. Stay tuned with Camp Meating via or Line id: campmeating. Remember, the early bird catches the worm and this exclusive event is limited to pre-reservation only.

Text by Urasa Chittamvanich / Photos by Pimlada Thanachoknitiwat + Camp Meating
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