We always dream of unique, unforgettable holiday: pristine nature, genuine people and thrilling adventures. Switzerland can make our dream come true! Here are 5 best reasons why we should visit this magnificent country.

#1 Perfect Location

Located in the heart of the continent, Switzerland shares borders with five other countries: Italy, Germany, France, Austria and Liechtenstein. An by air, rail and road, it links with dozens more. So, it is said that ‘Welcome to Switzerland – Welcome to the world!

#2 Unspoilt Nature

The Alps need no introduction and never disappoint whilst an amazing variety is gathered in this land: mountains, glaciers, forests, or lakes. The perfect relaxation is offered among nature parks while an active vacation is possible with skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking or canoeing. Switzerland has everything for everyone.

Switzerland. get natural. Mountains. Aelplisee Lake (2156 m) on Arosa Alp, Graubuenden. Schweiz. ganz natuerlich. Berge. Aelplisee (2156 m) auf der Aroser Alp, Graubuenden. Suisse. tout naturellement. Montagnes. L'Aelplisee (2156 m) sur l'alpe d'Arosa, Grisons. Copyright by Switzerland Tourism Byline: Schmid

#3 City Breaks

Historic, cultural and gastronomic variety is offered in a manageable space in SWISS cities, enabling us to reach everything on foot in a few minutes: museums, churches, cafes and shops. The cities also get charming with its proximity to nature: unrivaled architecture backgrounded with mountains and lakes.

#4 Wealth of Cultures

‘La suisse n’existe pas,’ or ‘Switzerland does not exist,’ implies a variety of local customs that are varied geographically and well-nurtured through time. Swiss people are proud of and celebrate their traditions: Swiss folk music, the practice of Alpine farming, and Swiss wrestling (Schwingen). The same pride goes into modern things like production of watches, army knives, chocolate and cheese.

Appenzell: Trachtenkinder

#5 Wellbeing

Its renowned reputation for excellent hospitality has lasted for centuries – whether we stay in a farm resort or five-star hotels. A long-standing spa culture is only one of a wealth of ways to feel well. And culinary retreat is undeniable with a diversity of choices: a typical Swiss bistro, a stylish places, a fine dining establishment, or even a fulfilled visit in vineyards.

Text by Goongging Thanisara / Photos by Switzerland Tourism
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