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Archeen Street, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia (

When people talk about Malaysia, its capital Kuala Lumpur inevitably comes up. L+T is taking you to a less-visited destination with sass of its own. A state where you can browse through the past, present and future (really!), enjoy the summer with your family or else explore as a hipster. We’re taking you to Penang.


Mural Painting in Georgetown

Georgetown is the picturesque capital of Penang and brims with East-West architecture. Anglo, Portuguese and Sino influences since the 18th century have created a cultural mix of charming colonial buildings, harbours, manors and assorted temples around the city. It really deserves its listing as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site!  The Peranakans (locals), however, still embrace their ethnic Sino-Malay identity with pride through their attire, cuisine and customs. As you wander around the small city, you’ll eventually come across the mural paintings by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic in collaboration with Malaysian and Thai artists. In Georgetown you’ll never run out of Instagram moments!


Assam Laksa, local food in Penang

Dish of Delight The first local dish you must try is Assam Laksa. This favourite is a tangle of chewy noodles in spicy-sour fish broth (the tamarind in it gives the sour-sweet kick) with additional shrimp paste and chopped mint, onion, bunga kantan (ginger) flower and chilli. If you claim to be a true gourmand of street food, it’s a must to try these as well: Char Kway Teow (stir-fried noodles), Rojak (fruit & vegetable salad) and Mee Kari (curry noodles).


Batu Ferringhi Beach (

From Beach to Peak Penang’s famous Mediterranean-style beach, named Batu Ferringhi, lies along the northern coast and is the place to go for exhilarating water sports including cruising and scuba-diving. Those interested in visiting a religious site can head to nearby Kek Lok Si Temple with its golden pagoda that is decorated with 10,000 Buddhist statues. For scenic views, take the electric shuttle tram to the top of Penang Hill and behold Georgetown, Penang Bridge and the Jurassic-like greenery from high above.


Penang Music Festival (

Enjoy the Big Music Festival Held annually, this festival offers performances by eclectic musicians from all over the world and also offers music lovers the opportunity to join a number of cool music workshops.


Kek Lok Si Temple at night (

Wait no more. Enjoy the last moments of summer in this charming Malaysian state. You will be inspired – maybe even fall in love – with its relaxed style, yet rich diversity of culture, creativity and cuisine. You couldn’t find all this in the average touristic city.

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